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Whether you have a single garden tree or your tree stock numbers in the hundreds, SoundWood are able to provide appropriate,proportionate professional arboricultural management advice. Using the very latest in GIS data capture software, we can undertake objective risk assessment of your tree assets to ensure that these are effectively managed so as to minimise your liabilities in accordance with your duty of care and Government Legislation.

SoundWood offer impartial management advice and do not undertake tree works. We will not recommend unnecessary work to your trees.

Tree Owner Responsibilities

Trees are dynamic organisms and are affected by disease, weather and climate, human activity and the surrounding location and environment in which they are growing. As such their condition changes over time.

The Occupiers Liability Acts 1957 and 1984 and the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974 place a duty of care on the occupier of premises and land to ensure that so far as is reasonably foreseeable that their property is maintained in a condition that is unlikely to cause harm either to visitors including employees or neighbours. Care should therefore be taken to ensure that trees are well maintained and not dangerous.

Timely and regular professional inspection in the form of regular tree 'MOT' health and condition surveys is the most reliable method available to tree owners to ensure that their associated liabilities are managed in a reasonable and dependable way.

SoundWood's Approach

With the experience of many years spent in managing large local authority tree stocks, we believe that it is not so much the condition of a tree that is so important - it is where it is growing that counts. For example, a large tree in the middle of a rarely visited field presents little risk of causing any harm, whereas a similar specimen close to a busy road or school has the potential to cause significant injury to persons or property. This is why we undertake a risk appraisal of our clients property and zone areas according to the proximity and value of adjacent targets, prior to surveying any trees.

We also understand that you cannot manage what you haven't measured. Once areas of priority have been identified and agreed we undertake a survey of all the significant trees contained within them.

Ezytreev GIS Tree Management System

Tried and tested whilst managing local authority tree stocks, we use the market leading Ezytreev Tree Management System for our tree surveys. Our survey data is captured in the field directly onto Panasonic Toughbook ruggedised computers by qualified and experienced consultants. Trees are assigned a unique number and plotted to scale onto O/S maps. As well as basic dimensions, such as height, spread and DBH, the following information is recorded during our full inspection of each tree: Age and quality classes, tree condition including health, vitality and structure, its anticipated retain-able existence (ARE), the level of hazard posed to surrounding features, as well as management recommendations and a priority for any tree works.

Back at the office, collected data is synchronised with the main database. This information is then researched to produce reports tailored to our client's needs using any combination of the above categories. Typical examples would be a detailed data set for each tree, with the database being further researched to produce work schedules by order of priority.

However, if for example you wanted to know how many of your trees were of a certain quality, had a particular fungal infection or an ARE of less than 10 years, our database can be easily interrogated to provide the answers. As such it is extremely cost effective to produce any tree management data set.

Tree Liability & Management Surveys
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