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Whether you are considering adding a small extension or new garage to a domestic dwelling or the re-development of a large site, SoundWood through our range of quality co-ordinated planning support services has the answers. Using the latest in survey and CAD technology we pride ourselves on the detail, quality and accessibility of our drawings and reports, and have an enviable record of securing planning permission for our clients.

Our planning work is undertaken by former local authority tree officers, in accordance with the guidance contained in BS 5837:2005 Trees in relation to construction - Recommendations

We understand the importance of establishing and maintaining clear and open dialogue between all interested parties and in particular with planners and tree officers throughout the planning process.

There are generally 3 stages in preparing Arboricultural information to support a planning application:

Arboricultural Constraints Appraisal

This is the first stage in the planning process. As a starting point a site tree survey is undertaken which records the size, condition & quality of each tree. The respective crown spreads and root protection areas are plotted onto a topographical survey to produce a Tree Constraints Plan. The survey data is presented in a schedule which also includes recommendations for safety and management works. The information contained in the Arboricultural Constraints Appraisal is passed to the project architect to guide the formation [or adjustment] of a proposed new layout.

Arboricultural Impact Assessment

An Arboricultural Impact Assessment details the direct and indirect effects of the proposed changes upon trees, which have been identified as being of sufficient quality and life expectancy to warrant retention within the context of the proposed changes and final layout. Also includes a Tree Protection Plan as well as details and specifications of any mitigation measures which may be appropriate.

Arboricultural Method Statement

This final section deals with the measures necessary to ensure the successful retention of important trees throughout the demolition and construction phases, and provides detailed guidance for the protection and management of retained trees and vegetation. The Arboricultural Method Statement is frequently submitted as a comprehensive document incorporating all three stages in one report. This approach whilst not only being significantly cheaper, also negates the need for further reports to comply with planning conditions should permission be granted.

Discharging Planning Conditions

Upon grant of planning permission the local authority is likely to stipulate some conditions related to the protection of site trees. The comprehensive documents submitted by SoundWood usually restrict such activities to a requirement for professional supervision to ensure the effective [specified] protection of site trees.

We will be pleased to offer our continued support throughout the construction phase, and working closely with your appointed contractors ensure that tree-related conditions are discharged to the satisfaction of all parties.

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